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~All Is Well~

Magic of Yoga

Jackie Winkler

Of all the things I was hoping to gain from yoga, the last one would have been a complete awakening. But in practicing yoga for almost two years now, the thing that became immediately evident was how  yoga began to unmask the veil that had settled over my life


Here are some simple principles and pointers:

1. There is no destination; there is only now

2. Thinking and resistance create suffering

3. Thoughts and sensations are not personal, and not the truth

4. You are the space for thoughts, not the thinker of them

5. Breathe into your discomfort and pain; honour it

6. You can only get ‘there’ by being ‘here’

7. Embrace your stumbling; it is perfect too

Power of Gratitude

Jackie Winkler

This life has come to me from my alignment with my purpose, but not without a lot of self reflection and gratitude. Each morning upon waking, I roll out of my comfortable bed and position myself in my chair in front of my quaint dorm room desk. I reach for my beloved writing utensil, the ballpoint that encourages my best penmanship, and my vintage journal. Then, I write. I take the first moments of my waking hours detailing the experiences, people, and resources that I am most grateful for. Everyday I write down at least ten. Some days my pen never leaves the paper, fiercely scribbling the many wonders of my present condition. On others, my hand moves more slowly, deliberately thinking of each aspect of my life and identifying the many gifts that have been granted to me because of my alignment and intentional actions.

Can we extend our reach and cherish even the smallest of moments; It may seem insignificant to acknowledge these instances as if they were that of the sublime, but I believe in the power of perspective and the power of now.

Today I am grateful for you. From the bottom of my heart, thank you for reading and  and supporting me along( even if they are small and insignificant) at times. Thank you.