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Falling From Grace

Jackie Winkler

Why are we afraid to let down our guard with people? To raise those blinds we have covered over our most darkest and protective parts of ourselves?  I think it takes time for many of us to show the vulnerable sides of ourselves, to others. It might just take many experiences to understand that as humans we are flawed, imperfect, with cracks and caves. 

Just like everyone else walking in this imperfect world, I too have had my share of failures, disappointments and losses. It takes me time to recover from these experiences, but what I have learned is that we must let go. We become caged and handcuffed to what has hurt us if we hold onto them. Part of me writing this post about "failures" is that I believe they tell us more about ourselves than most of anything else. If you want to learn more about yourself as an individual, dive deep into the darkness. How do we do this? More importantly, why would one want to lean into this uncomfortable space?

Falling from Grace. I can tell you, that from a more recent painful experience I have endured, it is not a fun time. What I have learned from diving into the darkness,  is simply that I eventually came out of it. In my eyes I did not fail, I was proud of the work I had accomplished even though others did not see my value. I was still breathing. I was still standing. I still had a sound mind. I still had a good heart. Isn't that we enough? yes, we always have more than enough-more than we think..

Falling from grace. If you know your soul well, then you can fall from grace more times than one can count, and know deep down you will always come out stronger. For me, I have realized that my awareness of others have actually become strengthened. My desire to connect with others, to see the sides of all of us that are bruised and bandaged is beautiful. So I urge us to to not hide from these corners of our soul, but learn from them, heal and let go.