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Los Angeles March 2018

This week I ventured to Los Angeles, California to visit one of my best friends from college who recently moved after getting married about 6 months ago. The best part of the past couple of days was being able to spend time with her and my other college friend who met us there as well. It was so refreshing to not only be in a new city (with great weather), but being around two of my favorite people who bring out the best in me. It was such a magical place, filled with acai bowls, good looking people, amazing ramen and palm trees. Enjoy some of my bits of travel stops down below:)



Berry Bowl

My first stop in L.A! Berry Bowl is nestled in Highland Park, with their exposed brick walls and hippy interior, I thought the overall vibe was great.  I had myself an acai bowl with blueberries, strawberries, granola, bee pollen, and coconut good. Highly recommend! 

click here to check out Berry Bowl!

The Alcove Cafe & Bakery

Are you looking for one of the best hideaway brunch places? Look no further. We stopped here after a 2 hour hike on the Runyon trails near Griffith Observatory, and it was just what we needed. We sat on the garden patio in an alcove setting surrounded by beautiful flowers (and people). The artisan baked goods also looked fantastic. Enjoy a cup of coffee or nice lunch here as well, you can not go wrong here!

Click here to visit The Alcove 


Highlight Coffee


Located in Glendale, CA we stopped here right before taking off to catch my flight back home.. and so glad we did! Located on the corner, its clean cut and white interior was very aesthetically pleasing. I had their drip coffee with oat milk (YES OAT MILK!) and as a die hard coffee lover, I was not disappointed.


Check out their Instagram page here!


Wanderlust Creamery


Now, I would't call myself the ice cream-pro but I was pleased with this place! It wasn't the 'best ever,' but I think what got me was the very creative flavors offered!  Each flavor is inspired by places that the owners/employees have been and places we all want to go. Our "Signature Flavors" will always be available in store. Each month we introduce additional flavors inspired specifically curated to coincide with seasonal ingredients and wanderlust. Some of the more interesting flavors include honey lavender, earl grey, tonka bean and brown butter whiskey!

Click to visit their website here


Phillz Coffee

WOW! Definitely one of the best coffee's I've had in a while. I stopped at the Glendale location, but there are locations in Santa Monica, Hope, Sunset and Pasadena. They brew the perfect cup to every individual customer’s taste (which I loved!) There are over 20 customized blends made from high quality beans from around the world. What I loved about the place was the knowledgeable baristas that helped to find the perfect blend.

 A cup of love, click to visit their website

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