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24 Things I've Learned at 24.

Jackie Winkler

I made it! 24 years old. Last weekend I celebrated my birthday, and it wasn't just any year for me- last Saturday, on February 24th was my golden birthday. If you know me, I'm not one that enjoys having much attention and I tend to keep my birthday's very low key. Although, this year I felt like a golden birthday was reason to celebrate my life, my friends and for coming this far.

I did it big this year! I got twenty of my friends together, who joined me for a tapa style dinner at a fun place in downtown Chicago called Cafe Ba Ba Reeba! It was definitely as fun as it sounds...I was actually pretty nervous to put a big dinner together, being worried that people were going to back out or just not show up. I was very mistaken, since everyone I invited came to the dinner. I felt so loved this night, that a mix of my friends from Graduate school, hometown friends, a couple cousins and my sister came together and enjoyed each others company. It was one for the books and I'm so glad I did it! (although, maybe no more tequila and/or sangria for awhile...)


24 Things I've Learned at 24.

1. Love is everwhere. It doesn't have to be in a person, you can find love pouring the first cup of coffee in the quiet of morning or the full moon at night.. its everywhere, you just have to have perspective.

2. I am my own best friend.

3. Learning to let go is not a linear process

4. Failure can just SUCK. Sometimes, there is not silver lining and it just sucks. It;s okay

5. Listening to people is a gift. People will actually enjoy you more if you talk less and really hear what others are saying

6.  When people expose their soul to you, handle it with care.

7. Not everyday of your life will be stellar, some days you will be completely off. Learn to ride the wave.

9. Learn to trust yourself and more importantly, those gut instincts.

10. Find time to spend with mom and dad

11. Most guys aren't worth your time, brush it off.

12. Music is a form of meditation

13. Your body is a temple, treat it like so. It will be the most important home you live in

14. Staying in the present moment is a cliche but it is also crucial and important 

15. Don't over extend yourself, have breaks in life, time for you.

16. Following what everyone else is doing is not cool and will probably lead to a lot of dissatisfaction. Stay true to you.

17. Food is medicine.

18. There is great reward and internal satisfaction for achieving a long held goal

19. Trust in the universe (and don't 'hope' for things, for that means that you are leaving room for doubt)

20. Learn to be friends with the rough edges and insecure spaces of yourself

21. Okay- you dont know everything. Stop letting your ego get the best of you

22. Stay in touch with your hometown friends

23. Spiritual growth is tough, some people won't understand the path you are on. Its okay.

24. Yoga is more than a body practice- but is a connection to the deeper parts of your soul and mind