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Mediterranean Farro Bowl

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You might be asking yourself, what the heck is "Farro?!" I was wondering that as well, the first time I heard of this grain. It not only add a lot of protein and fiber to your salad but is delightfully chewy that goes well with the other toppings.  This recipe was originally created by my cousin, Samantha Baffes who introduced me to this wonderful meal. It is so easy to prepare and you can keep the ingredients in a fridge all week to assemble whenever you want a fresh salad.   


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Farro is high in protein, fiber and B Complex vitamins and it’s pretty low in gluten.

When cooked, farro looks a bit like barley but it has a chewier texture. That chewy texture remains even after long-cooking so it’s great in soups and stews where it never gets soggy. That chewy texture also makes for tasty salads. 


Makes 4 servings 


 IMAGE CREDIT: Samantha Baffes

IMAGE CREDIT: Samantha Baffes

1 package of farro
1 rotisserie chicken or 2 cooked chicken breasts
2 Roma Tomatoes diced
1 Seedless cucumber diced
1 jar of pitted and sliced Kalamata olives
1 8oz package of feta cheese
Toasted Pine nuts for garnish
Salt & Pepper to taste
Yogurt Sauce

1 cup of not-fat plain Greek Yogurt
2 cloves of garlic pressed or minced
1 tsp of oregano 


      Cook farro according to package directions. While farro cooks shred the chicken and dice the tomatoes and cucumbers.  Once the farro is cooked drain and season with salt and pepper to taste.  To assemble portion out farro into four bowls. On top of the farro add the chicken, tomatoes, cucumbers, crumbled feta, and olives.  Mix together yogurt, garlic and oregano for the sauce. Spoon the sauce over the top and sprinkle on the toasted pine nuts(optional).  Enjoy right away